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Who we are

We are a modern dynamically developing job agency. Our company has been operating on the Czech market since 2015. Our second branch, Global Labor Service, is located in Poland in Źory - www.agencygls.com. Our goal is to employ not only regional applicants, but to bring qualified employees from abroad to the Czech labor market. Our goal is Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangladesh.





For job seekers

Start planning your future

For job seekers We offer qualified and well-paid work in major Czech companies. They have the same wages as your core collaborators in the workplace, plus a range of premium services. We will provide you with a medical check-up, train you, help you

  • with your transport to work, and arrange for you the necessary documents at the authorities and at the bank.
  • with our partner we will provide you with a flat or accommodation with a discount for our employees.
  • we will provide language courses provide forklift training or welding license.
  • we will always meet you, according to your individual requirements.

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Nabídka práce

Přehled aktuálně nabízených pozic. 

Operátor výroby ČR / Na Rovince, Ostrava - Hrabová mzda 20.000 - 24.000 Kč/měs.
Svářeč CO2 ČR / Na Rovince, Ostrava - Hrabová mzda 22.000 - 24.000 Kč/měs.
Řidič VZV ČR / Na Rovince, Ostrava - Hrabová mzda 20.000 - 23.000 Kč/měs.


V případě zájmu nás kontaktujte pomocí webového formuláře nebo na tel. čísle 603 279 112

Napište nám

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs

For companies

We will find employees directly for you

Comprehensive provision of temporarily assigned employees according to the client's requirements. Implementation of recruitment and selection of employees. Personnel and payroll administration of employees. Analyzing client recruitment requirements, interviewing selected candidates. Preparation and publication of advertising on selected portals. We will help you not only with the provision of agency employees, but also with the provision of employees to the core.

  • We will provide you with many skilled professions across the entire labor market from production operators to technicians and highly skilled workers.
  • Through our subsidiary in Poland and other emerging branches in third countries, it will be able to provide these regions with proven and highly qualified personnel in the short term.

What you get:


We provide all services related to the arrival of agency workers to work. We provide the necessary documentation, medical examination, accommodation and interpreting. We will help with transport to work, training and equip employees with basic protective equipment, including clothing. We want our employee to be the most satisfied and thus make a great contribution to your business.


Easy communication with coordinators who are assigned to individual orders and are always ready to respond quickly to client requests. Low price with regard to quality of work done. Daily reporting. Compliance with agreed deadlines and full execution of contracts, which in particular decides on customer satisfaction.

What we offer


We use proven effective solutions.

Our team is made up of qualified specialists with many years of experience in agency employment. The results of our work will surprise even the most demanding clients, although we often work under great pressure.


Mutual trust is our basic building pillar.

Without trusting one another, we cannot imagine cooperation both within the company and with our customers. We trust each other and believe that trust is the primary value for independent and quality interpersonal relationships.


Linking mutual working with Polish GLS Branch.

It will contribute to the most effective fulfillment of current labor market requirements in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to provide our employees with all the services related to providing housing, arranging transportation, handling all formalities at the authorities and other institutions.

Our people

We are a company that does not settle for average results.

Our work is directly dependent on the quality of our employees. Satisfied employees are the cornerstone of our success and development. We want our employees to get the best and proud of their employer.